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sewing like crazy



i’ve been sewing like crazy till the wee hours. but it’s so much fun.

 bags for ballet stuff, bags for drawing stuff, backpacks for bike stuff, pencil rolls. and such a lot of pink fairies. my present box is re-stocked.

i then made a few for grown ups too. my favourite is my new library bag – the brown with pink inside single strap bag. this brown fabric is upholstery strength and it holds a LOT of library books, so perfect for me and i just love it 🙂

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3 thoughts on “sewing like crazy

  1. They look great Pen!

  2. Looks like you’ve been busy. I just started on dress tonight after the previous 2 nights were spent baking (from that deceptively delicious book….it was on the top of the returns trolley when I was at the library). Of course I’m firmly stuck in the dessert section. Have made the avo muffins & the chickpea/choc biscuits. Only problem is I keep eating them!

    • mmmmm the desert section is good. we made the mac&cheese with the “hidden” beans and it was pretty good. i think you already have to be a macaroni cheese fan though. and the rice balls look good. no rush on the sewing, i haven’t transferred $$ yet, this weekend i’ll get to it.

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