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I am thankful that this year has seen us grow as a family as well as 4 individuals. We now have two children at school, a husband embarking on new studies and work path, and my creative outlet of PenPals has enjoyed some successes – the most special one is a whole bunch of new crafty friends. I have enjoyed my regular stall at The Handmade Market Currumbin, and regular coffees with the Crafty Coasters plus I met a new group of friends that came with my daughter’s first year at school.

I am thankful that lots of trips to hospital with bumped heads, broken arms, broken ribs, ticks – none of which were me – have seen everyone healed and healthy.

I am thankful that I am now ready to launch into a paid job outside the home – I just have to start the search for one 🙂

I am thankful that I live where I live – i just need to visit the beach more often. This coming year I will get there.

Happy New Year ! 

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happy birthday sasha

she’s 5 today.
i often think of her as being 2 or 3, or even a tiny baby, but watching her today on her birthday day out, she’s definitely grown up. we went to see the Tinkerbell movie – very sweet film actually – then she ate the entire vegetarian sushi box, and announced she now wanted to look in “high heel shoe shops”. gosh.
we settled for buying some shorts and t-shirts for summer, looking in a few toyshops and bookshops. then home for dinner with the neighbours. her meal of choice? pesto pasta, pistachios, olives, pretzels, carrot sticks and a vanilla cake with candles.
such a special girl to her dad, my daily best friend and companion, a good playmate to harvey, and makes us laugh every day at her jokes, impersonations, and beautiful drawings.
nearly 3yrs old, currumbin beach

she’s still overly fond of pink, loves the beach, her scooter, her cosy bedroom and her friends.

five today

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what a beautiful start to the day

this was yesterday 5.30am at currumbin beach. a quiet start to my day – i mean my birthday day. some blueberries, yoghurt, water, my book and my beach.
the sun broke through the clouds moments later and it was a gorgeous blue sky day.

some time alone

a HUGE present decorated all over with drawings by the children

a hammock! with it’s own stand! what a wonderful present. i even got to spend some time in it in the afternoon with my book and an ice-cream. bliss. i look forward to many more afternoons in the hammock.

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back to the beach

the dust has settled and is being gradually cleaned away. so it was back to the beach late this afternoon. the beach was in the shade and the wind was a little cool, but it’s always amazing to visit the beach, and we always vow to return more often, it’s only a few minutes from home. daily life can just get too much in the way sometimes!
these foam swords are beach toys only now (ahem, not good inside the house at all) and they like to carry them ninja or pirate style and whack down abandoned sandcastles

we’re off for a night’s camping at a friend’s farm – just 5mins from our home actually. i’m looking forward to an evening of torches, squeals, conversation and stars.

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currumbin after the storm

i know you’ve all seen it on the news, but living through the weather we had last week here on the gold coast was frightening. we live on a hill (thank you) under the protection of a ridge so we were ok; oh so wet but ok. i’ve never seen the beaches so damaged, holiday makers would have been very disappointed. it’ll take man-made efforts to make them safe, the bulldozers have been out and about creating some slopes on the 10 foot drops from dune to beach.

this photo shows the surf club at currumbin, usually not an island. it has a large carpark in front which is totally swamped in this photo, plus dune and footpath. the foam was up over the dune, the grass area, the carparks and across the road. we resisted going sightseeing. some friends had a frightening moment when they were all grouped on the dune watching the wild waves when a small wave just kept coming and coming and eventually washed them back almost onto the road, going over the heads of the 3yr olds and knocking parents off their feet. my friend said she is amazed that mothers were able to clutch onto their children in the tsunami at all.