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I am thankful that this year has seen us grow as a family as well as 4 individuals. We now have two children at school, a husband embarking on new studies and work path, and my creative outlet of PenPals has enjoyed some successes – the most special one is a whole bunch of new crafty friends. I have enjoyed my regular stall at The Handmade Market Currumbin, and regular coffees with the Crafty Coasters plus I met a new group of friends that came with my daughter’s first year at school.

I am thankful that lots of trips to hospital with bumped heads, broken arms, broken ribs, ticks – none of which were me – have seen everyone healed and healthy.

I am thankful that I am now ready to launch into a paid job outside the home – I just have to start the search for one 🙂

I am thankful that I live where I live – i just need to visit the beach more often. This coming year I will get there.

Happy New Year ! 

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Friday’s favourites

There are so many things i am loving today!

First of all – the garden

daisy chains

3 weeks ago, they were just seeds,  the kids are loving the daily growth.

sweetpeas reaching to climb

picking lettuce and rocket for lunch and dinner each day is so great


and then there was some food

i'm addicted to this yoghurt, if i could make homemade so it was like this i'd be very happy

and it’s good plopped on leftover pikelets and blackberry jam

that's not cream, that's yoghurt!

and then there was a little shopping. This family calender as awesome, and really made me so much more organised this year. i remembered playdates, library days, school dress up days, and even some birthdays!

ready for 2012


helmet and gloves arrived just in time for cycling

 I had forgotten how much i enjoyed cross stitch

more xmas decorations like this are in progress in the PenPals studio (sometimes referered to as the couch)

 making felted balls is very therapeutic. what to do with them now?

rolling rolling rolling

 what are you loving today?