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sourdough – cheating?


successful sourdough - in the breadmaker

I finally got my sourdough bread to be successful. I have started so many starters, and here it is. I kinda made it up myself, so it’s not “honest sourdough” i don’t think. but we all liked it.

i did my usual breadmaker dough mix of 3 cups flour, 1.3 cups water, pinch salt, 1 T of sugar/honey/maple syrup, 1 T olive oil. then instead of adding the T of yeast, i added in 2 or 3 good T’s of my rye sourdough starter. I let the breadmaker do a bit of a stir and knead. then turned it off. I let it sit for the rest of the day, then turned it on do the Basic loaf which takes 3 hours. and voila – here it is!

it was delicious warm, and even better this morning for toast.

now i feel braver adding in some herbs or carraway seeds next time.


3 thoughts on “sourdough – cheating?

  1. Well that looks and sounds like genuine sourdough to me Pen! It’s when you add flour in the last stages or knead it in flour that it’s not really genuine sourdough in my books. The flour should all have a good solid fermentation time. Well done! I need a breadmaker – me thinks….

  2. Hi there,
    I too have been on the soughdough journey and alas I have not had any luck with my starter!!! I can’t workout why this bothers me so but I am hoping you can give me your recipe for your tried and true starter and I too can tick this of my things to conquer!!

    Happy baking and I don’t think your faking it


    • Hi Dea
      yep the starter is all important isn’t it? i’ve only used this one, and i find it lasts about a week before being “off”. If i baked every day (yeah right) then it would probably keep on going.

      i attended a sour dough workshop wiutih Sandra Frain earlier this year, and this was the starter she taught us.
      Materials – a jar, rye flour, filtered water
      Day 1 – mix 3 heaped desert-spoons of flour and enough water to swish the flour around and see bubbles emerge on top. Let stand uncovered for 9 hours
      Day 2 – Add another 3 heaped desert-spoons of flour and some water. Let stand uncovered for 9 hours
      Day 3 – Add another heaped desert-spoons of flour and some water. Stir and cap and store in fridge

      When i’m ready for baking i add 2/3 of the jar into a big bowl. Feed the starter with 3 heaped desert-spoons of flour and some water. swish, cap and put back in the fridge. (if i leave this for a week, then it’s often “off”, i find it’s good to use it at least twice a week).

      what starter have you been using? similar to this idea?

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