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having a party 3 weeks before your actual birthday is essential when you’re a xmas baby. friends, a pool, food, and lemon meringue pie – just what he asked for 🙂Image


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purple face with fangs and scary eyes please

home from a birthday party last weekend, where face-painting was part of the party fun. apparently, he described what the wanted, and got exactly what that was! scary to me! i love how his eyelids are painted like eyes! other kids were painted up as lions, tigers, dogs, flowers. amazing.

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happy birthday sasha

she’s 5 today.
i often think of her as being 2 or 3, or even a tiny baby, but watching her today on her birthday day out, she’s definitely grown up. we went to see the Tinkerbell movie – very sweet film actually – then she ate the entire vegetarian sushi box, and announced she now wanted to look in “high heel shoe shops”. gosh.
we settled for buying some shorts and t-shirts for summer, looking in a few toyshops and bookshops. then home for dinner with the neighbours. her meal of choice? pesto pasta, pistachios, olives, pretzels, carrot sticks and a vanilla cake with candles.
such a special girl to her dad, my daily best friend and companion, a good playmate to harvey, and makes us laugh every day at her jokes, impersonations, and beautiful drawings.
nearly 3yrs old, currumbin beach

she’s still overly fond of pink, loves the beach, her scooter, her cosy bedroom and her friends.

five today

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what a beautiful start to the day

this was yesterday 5.30am at currumbin beach. a quiet start to my day – i mean my birthday day. some blueberries, yoghurt, water, my book and my beach.
the sun broke through the clouds moments later and it was a gorgeous blue sky day.

some time alone

a HUGE present decorated all over with drawings by the children

a hammock! with it’s own stand! what a wonderful present. i even got to spend some time in it in the afternoon with my book and an ice-cream. bliss. i look forward to many more afternoons in the hammock.

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birthday time

today we’re preparing for a pool party for 10 six year olds, plus the birthday boy in our house who is nearly 6. he’s having a pool party today as his actual birthday is too close to xmas for proper celebrations.
if you know me, you’ll know my ongoing war against lollies! especially when birthday parties are sooooo close to the festive season, and lollies seem be handed out daily by someone somewhere.

so our party bag is a sweetly potted succulent with a thankyou flag.


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fairies in the park

our littlest girl is 4 now. we met some other 4 year old fairies at the park on a sunny morning and ate cupcakes and strawberries. it was such a fun morning and so lovely to see sasha greeting her friends and delighting over her gifts “oh i love it, thank you for giving it to me”, holding hands with her friends, and exclaiming over each other’s fairy outfits.