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What do you get up to?

This is what I get up to twice a month – a craft group called Crafty Coasters. We get together once a month in the evening, and the other get together is at a local cafe – a different one each time as there are so many fabulous coffee spots around about.

So if you’re local to the Gold Coast and would like to join us, you can find us on Facebook as Crafty Coasters. If you’re not able to come along with me, why don’t you start your own group !

What do you get up to?


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Easter – but with veges

(photo and recipe thanks to Dianne Summerville. Find her on Facebook as I Love Sewing – supplies, tutorials and sewing classes)

Here’s an Easter treat that has some hidden veges in it. shhhhh don’t tell the kids.

• 250 gms 80% chocolate
• 2 tablespoons butter or marg
Melt over double boiler until smooth
• 1 cup of puree veg (I used beetroot spinach and pumpkin)
• 1 egg or (2 egg whites)
… Put into a bowl and mix together
• ¼ cup brown sugar
• ½ teaspoon baking soda
• 1 cup spelt flour
• ½ cup organic cocoa powder
Mix into egg and veg
Mix in choc and butter, place in square lined pan and bake in moderate oven for 35 minutes allow to cool in pan before cutting. I dusted with icing sugar for the kids and that’s it.

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no time to blog – crafting!

Ever since I jump started my (tiny) business of sewing/knitting/crochet I have neglected my blogging.  Also, facebook seems to take over doesn’t it? Because I am photographing stock and loading it onto my PenPals facebook page, I tend to update what I am doing there, instead of here.

But I am back to it. As soon as the next Currumbin Handmade Market is over. It’s the first Saturday of each month however, so it does come around pretty quickly.

In the meantime, we’ve been crafting with friends in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Happy Springtime everyone!

Crafting outdoors is lots of fun

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soothing and sewing

we’ve all been sniffing a bit with this sudden cold snap. we seem to have gone from summer to winter, and skipped entirely over autumn. so 3 days at home over last weekend was time to start using up my fabric stash.

i found fabric i had totally forgotten about (ahem) i mean put carefully away. so i washed, dried, ironed, planned, and then sewed the requests that had been building up. “pets please” they always ask. so voila.

“she doesn’t have anyone to play with” really? have they looked around the playroom? and harvey wants an owl. a big owl. as big as a cushion. and cordury.

so by the time they were all named, shown around the house, fed, wrapped up, pushed around in the pram, put down to sleep, and cuddled – the sniffly days were over and everyone had been happily occupied.

and many bowls of Thai sticky black rice with coconut milk made everything good too.


the last month

has been hectic! it feels like november and december are just one long pre-xmas schedule. i’ll be glad to arrive at 25 dec so we can all relax.

rehearsing for the first end of year dancing concert

mmmm fabric

sewing gifts

little girl shoes “look they’re peep-toes!”

the first visit from the tooth fairy “can it be a shiny coin and a toy please?”


these are thank-you boxes which i filled with sweets for my Girls Night In lunch guests last Saturday. We shoo-ed the kids away and sat down to a yummy relaxed meal. A good cause, and a reminder of how much i love entertaining. and using the wedding silver cutlery and dinner set.

oh and i finished my TAFE studies. does anyone need a library assistant 2-3 days a week in school hours next year? you do?! well give me a call and i’ll be right there.

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tweet tweet

We were wrapping up a birthday gift for sasha’s friend and thought it needed something extra. This friend has a pet bird, so I thought we’d make her another one.

a few scraps of fabric and a few  hours later we had a flock of birds to choose from.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos don’t show the contrasting fabric on their chests. very sweet.

You can find inspiration here if you want to make some for your home. I think they’ll look cute nestled in the xmas tree.