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cooking, snakes and koalas

we love ginger in our house – ginger beer, gingersnaps, fresh ginger tea, and gingerbread men are a special treat. the kids can virtually do it all themselves now, and while the dough rested in the fridge for 30mins, i whipped up some banana bread. and then froze it before we ate too many baked goods in one day!

and then thawed it out 2 weeks later for a last minute afternoon tea with friends.
life is good here in the springtime. the weather is glorious. the snakes are about though, harvey’s school has had 2 or 3 snakes a day in the last few weeks. the snake man comes and tries to catch and release elsewhere, however they usually slither away only to appear a day or so later. 2 metre eastern brown snakes are fatal, so we’re all watching where we put our feet even in our own small garden. but there’s also been plenty of koalas around at school, two were moving from tree to tree outside the school library where i was volunteering today. the preps had a teddy bears picnic in some bush near the school oval, and a koala scurried past. they’re so lucky to have such a “bush” school.
we’re going along ok whilst the man-of-the-house researches and seeks new employment. his MBA is complete as of last week, and graduation is in october. it’s great to have him back with us after 13months spent working and studying solidly. we’re enjoying some dad-cooked meals (i think we’re all a little tired of my cooking – i certainly am!), a clean pool and yard, and lots of wrestling, giggling, tickling and walks around the neighbourhood. and i am particularly enjoying my time out of the house at yoga and the gym. i could get used to this. but an income for the family would be an excellent idea too.