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Fete time

pony rides

i love pony rides

it’s springtime and fete time. this was a fete a few weeks ago at a little school in Tallebudgera Valley with 42 students. the pony rides and the jumping castle were very popular. and we loved the bags of library books for $1.


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activities for kids – too many too easily

i am so conscious of not having too many scheduled activities for my children. my son already attends school 5 days a week, my daughter attends kindy 2 days a week.

and then the activites crept in. my son goes to karate on monday evenings, and is doing the AFL auskick program after school on thursdays. my daughter goes to dancing on wednesday afternoons.

it doesn’t sound that much does it? but it has had a HUGE impact. it means that wednesdays and thursdays we don’t get home until close to 5pm. we used to eat dinner at about 5.30. not anymore. karate was 4.30-5.30, and now it’s 5.30-7pm.   my kids are regularly in bed by 7pm!

and that’s not mentioning any of the parent’s activities – work, study, gym, yoga, cycling, running a business from home, maintaining the house and garden, friends and family, some social life (that’s the small bit) that has to fit in somewhere. no wonder the adults are at the desk/stove/sink until late into the evening. anyone else clean the bathroom at 10pm?!

so i think we’re already at our maximum. how do people do it with more children and more activities? i remember the wise words of a friend with 5 chidren – one activity per child. i think i need to write it on the bathroom mirror.

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too much rain

we had too much rain in a 24 hour period for our area to manage it. each time i woke up in the night, the rain was heavier. our street was awash, and the rain was so torrential that we didn’t make it to school. local parks were underwater and the creek was brown, swollen and moving fast.

this is a road close to school.

today of course, it’s blue autumn skies again. very soggy underfoot though.

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halfway through the term? but i’m not ready yet

another mum dropping her prep kid off said cheerily to me this morning “well we’re nearly halfway through term 1”. i nearly dropped harvey’s backpack – well it was very heavy actually. halfway through term 1? but i’m only just getting it together. we’re getting to school a few minutes before the bell (as suggested in the prep handbook 2009), i’m not frog-marching sasha out to the hastily and badly parked car, and then off to complete the 42 items on the to-do list, before rushing back to pick up prep kid 20mins later (well it’s actually about 5 hours but it seems a very very very very short day when the to-do list has 42 items on it), and throwing together another combination of pasta, peas, baked beans, carrots, and ice-cream cones. well not every day anyway.

friday we just had a quiet day at home between the school trips. today we went to the gym, played at home, had a picnic lunch in the garden, and had a yummy dinner.

i just need to squeeze some housework in there somewhere. oh and that TAFE study won’t do itself either.

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well, hello again

what can i say, i’m busier than i’ve ever been. i’m sure i’ll get into the swing of my new role of mother-to-a-school-kid, but so far it involves a lot of getting in and out of the car, looking for lost hats/drink bottles/grasshoppers in plastic containers etc in school playgrounds, squeezing my me-time into 15 minute breathers during the day, and trying to think of original and exciting lunchbox menus.

and then there’s been the computer problems, which are hopefully all sorted out now.

and so i decided that life, or even my day, is too short for a bad cup of coffee or tea. so out with the old cups, and out of the back of the sideboard came my favourite cups, including some han-made ones (not by me), and this one from chinatown in london many years ago, my fav snack plate, and a jar of scrummy ikea jam that was lurking around masquerading as a possible gift for someone else. not any more.

ahhhh, breathe, breathe, breathe, sip, sip, sip

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i nearly jumped out of my skin

we’ve had some amazing storms this spring already, but this week was a doozi. i guess most folk saw how trashed parts of Brisbane got (i however missed this news and wondered why everyone was calling to check we were ok :o). we were ok, just soaked. and last night we had absolutely amazingly cracking thunder right over the house so that the windows shook and the lights flickered. i ran for the torch and mobile phone, and checked the kids. they, of course, slept on peacefully. the thunder rolled around and the sky was lit by lightening for the next 4 hours. amazing.

today the sun came out and the washing dried in about an hour, it was intense

this is what i feel like doing
i made this cushion/dolly for miss s when she turned 3 a few months ago. the other side is a smiling face. i find it handy for lying down with her in bed – she doesn’t like to share her own pillow.
this week i am emaling off my first subject to TAFE. i’m nervous about it because i don’t know what they expect. i hope i haven’t waffled too much………….
this morning was prep orientation. and mr h has school uniforms ready in his cupboard. weird to go to a school surrounded by fields, cows, a few roads and open gates. compared to the lock-in at kindy it’s a little disconcerting. however i’m sure the sunflower yellow surf hat that the preps wear will make them easy to spot and drag back!