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What do you get up to?

This is what I get up to twice a month – a craft group called Crafty Coasters. We get together once a month in the evening, and the other get together is at a local cafe – a different one each time as there are so many fabulous coffee spots around about.

So if you’re local to the Gold Coast and would like to join us, you can find us on Facebook as Crafty Coasters. If you’re not able to come along with me, why don’t you start your own group !

What do you get up to?


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no time to blog – crafting!

Ever since I jump started my (tiny) business of sewing/knitting/crochet I have neglected my blogging.  Also, facebook seems to take over doesn’t it? Because I am photographing stock and loading it onto my PenPals facebook page, I tend to update what I am doing there, instead of here.

But I am back to it. As soon as the next Currumbin Handmade Market is over. It’s the first Saturday of each month however, so it does come around pretty quickly.

In the meantime, we’ve been crafting with friends in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Happy Springtime everyone!

Crafting outdoors is lots of fun


2011 already?

it’s been a fun time, lots of rain, some sunshine, and even a few days away. there’s 2 weeks left of school holidays and we’re squeezing in the activities! today is our first day spent totally at home. my new family calendar from kikki-k is fantastic as my “external brain”.

new years day boardwalk at currumbin creek

sasha's first karate class

biggest (7) and littlest (1) cousins

sunny days away

a new creative space

swimming in the rain

did i mention the rain? we’ve had 4 sunny days in 4 weeks. i hope for some lighter rain for the last 2 weeks of the hols 🙂

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science is BIG in our house. so a visit to the Museum with it’s Scientcentre exhibit was planned for yesterday.

It was truly fantastic, and as it was aimed specifically at kids, they were amazed that they could touch EVERYTHING and run around INSIDE !

If you haven’t been, and you’re not too far from Brisbsane, it’s worth a trip.

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holiday fun

carousel at Broadbeach

 our school hols are nearly over (i admit to breathing a bit of a sigh of relief) and school is back on monday. we have done lots of fun holiday activities – cinema, swimming, indoor play centre, various parks, plays with friends, hot chips, ice cream, sushi, grandma to visit – and today we finally got the Carousel at Broadbeach. 

this was the first time my kids had been on a carousel, and they loved it. they had 2 turns and were so thrilled. we’re warming up for annual passes for Dreamworld and Movieworld. i wonder if they’ll be so excited about a carousel after the Tower of Terror II. mmmmmm.

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activities for kids – too many too easily

i am so conscious of not having too many scheduled activities for my children. my son already attends school 5 days a week, my daughter attends kindy 2 days a week.

and then the activites crept in. my son goes to karate on monday evenings, and is doing the AFL auskick program after school on thursdays. my daughter goes to dancing on wednesday afternoons.

it doesn’t sound that much does it? but it has had a HUGE impact. it means that wednesdays and thursdays we don’t get home until close to 5pm. we used to eat dinner at about 5.30. not anymore. karate was 4.30-5.30, and now it’s 5.30-7pm.   my kids are regularly in bed by 7pm!

and that’s not mentioning any of the parent’s activities – work, study, gym, yoga, cycling, running a business from home, maintaining the house and garden, friends and family, some social life (that’s the small bit) that has to fit in somewhere. no wonder the adults are at the desk/stove/sink until late into the evening. anyone else clean the bathroom at 10pm?!

so i think we’re already at our maximum. how do people do it with more children and more activities? i remember the wise words of a friend with 5 chidren – one activity per child. i think i need to write it on the bathroom mirror.