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how can i slow down? i mean really  s  l  o  w    d o  w  n   on  a daily – i mean hourly – basis?

i seem to spend most of my morning, afternoon and evening chanting the same mantra to my family. “come on, hurry up”, “let’s just eat”, “let’s talk about this later when i’m not driving”, “put your shoes on”, “where’s your hat”, “come on, teeth time” – you get the picture.

i need to nag without the nagging – any thoughts?

i’m watching the clock constantly, measuring out my time so that i don’t miss something i need to do. i hate being late, so even though i allow enough time, i seem to be running 10mins late for everything.

This has come down hard on me today with a speeding fine in the post. $200 and 3 points off my license for traveling too fast coming into Clunes (northern NSW town) on my way to Lismore last week. A road i have travelled literally hundreds of times. I had been rushing since i got up at 6am, culminating in driving fast and jerkily around the windy road that leads to my sister’s house, and sasha vomiting on herself in the back seat. my fault for rushing; the guilt and the mess to clean up was equally as grim. thank god my sister came to the rescue with buckets, towels, spare clothes and then she proceeded to wash and dry everything for me.

every night i promise myself that tomorrow will be different, i will not stress about time, i will allow extra time (i already get up soooo early to get it all done), i will not stress about the small stuff. Every evening finds me making the same promise for the next day.

family life – i need a good “how-to” book. Do you have one to recommend?