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Friday’s favourites

There are so many things i am loving today!

First of all – the garden

daisy chains

3 weeks ago, they were just seeds,  the kids are loving the daily growth.

sweetpeas reaching to climb

picking lettuce and rocket for lunch and dinner each day is so great


and then there was some food

i'm addicted to this yoghurt, if i could make homemade so it was like this i'd be very happy

and it’s good plopped on leftover pikelets and blackberry jam

that's not cream, that's yoghurt!

and then there was a little shopping. This family calender as awesome, and really made me so much more organised this year. i remembered playdates, library days, school dress up days, and even some birthdays!

ready for 2012


helmet and gloves arrived just in time for cycling

 I had forgotten how much i enjoyed cross stitch

more xmas decorations like this are in progress in the PenPals studio (sometimes referered to as the couch)

 making felted balls is very therapeutic. what to do with them now?

rolling rolling rolling

 what are you loving today?


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shopping to support WAHMs

This afternoon i was at a “Girls Night In” fundraiser. My talented friend Lisa invited some women to set up a mini-market to show off what they do when the kids are at school, the babies are napping, and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.  A great chance for some shopping for Xmas, some great company, and yummy food to share. 

I took my bags, pencil rolls and activity folders. There were handmade cards, Treadley Helmet Hats, beaded necklaces and glasses chains, and some handmade jewellery

I treated myself an early birthday present of  some ear-rings and a necklace – and now i wish i’d bought some for all my friends too. So if you’re looking for some gorgeous gifts, support some WAHMs that I know!

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what i’ve been doing

i have worked out how to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop, so photos are back!

i’ve been baking. this is a 5 seed bread which is surprisingly like a cake mixture consistency before the 1st rising. it bubbles and doubles in size, then bakes for 40mins. i froze half of it, and the rest we’ll have with our dinner tonight. I ground some whole wheat, added some bakers flour, rice flour, potato flour and a mixture of seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, linseeds, oats) saving some to sprinkle on the top before baking. It’s a lovely soft airy bread (thankyou Thermomix)

by request, i made some steamed red bean buns for breakfast this morning. i made the dough last night and punched it down this morning, rolled the rolls up with a good dollop of red beans in the middle, steamed for 15mins. the kids couldn’t believe their eyes. such a favourite, but usually for sunday afternoons.

i’ve been sewing. this is a sweet little blanket for the newest baby in our street. i used the last of my organic hemp fabric left over from nappy-making days.
i’ve been reading, all these are going at once (as usual, i have 5 or 6 books on the go at the same time):
“Apples for Jam” by Tessa Kiros is a gorgeous cookbook with lots of wholefood homestyle recipes. it’s sprinkled throughout with kid’s drawings and photos and i love to open and cook something. we’ve had lots of dinners out of it already.
“Buddhism for mothers of schoolchildren” is also inspiring and comforting me in these hectic days.
“The uncommon reader” by Alan Bennett. I always chuckle when i read Alan Bennett, and this books makes me want to read and read and read.
“The crossing places” by Elly Griffiths. a bit of mystery and chills with this forensic archaeologist. pure escapism.
i’m -still – studying. i’m concentrating on my last 3 subjects.
i’ve been watching my favourite tv series on dvd – “The Eagle, a crime odyssey”. i love this part of europe and this a tightly constructed contemporary drama.
what have you been doing?

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i know it’s waaaaaaaay past xmas now, but i’ve only just downloaded pics from my camera.
xmas lights on bedheads – i think this was their favourite part of xmas time.

oh, maybe it was the new funky scooters, or the row-boat for the pool, or the constant supply of homemade mango sorbet (we love you thermomox), or the mince pies.

but the lights on bedheads is what they are still talking about.

the new toys are just mixed in with the old ones now anyway.

i will try to remember this next year when i am shopping…………………..

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it’s a good excuse really

i haven’t posted any blogs for over a month because we’d all been struck down with an ear nose and throat specialist’s, well, specialities. i haven’t been so sick in years, and i’m still coughing away now. with both parents ill, the kids took the opportunity to be amazing angels. i can’t believe it really. or maybe i just didn’t notice anything much in my haze of flu. i have only just got my voice back a bit today after 10 days of not much, makes yelling “toilet teeth bath NOW” pretty tough. lucky for the pool, i think the bath was skipped a few times, and the sandwich press got a work-out, not to mention the odd bag of hot chippies for dinner.

i’m so glad i had already done xmas pressies and been the post office, well mostly anyway. there’s a few far-flung folk who will be enjoying their xmas pressie at new year. but i’m sure they’ll be thrilled about that.

the good news is my laundry is nearly completed. fully gutted, waterproofed, plastered, tiled, painted, cupboards and benches, a new door and a skip full of stuff down the front. they’ll be back today to hook up the washing machine, clean up and then it’s all ours.

each morning starts with “is it xmas day today?” from the kids, this year they are really into it. we’ve got our first tree, pressies are wrapped, and being squeezed and shook by everyone, the lights get switched on at dinner time and i’m planning party food for xmas eve.

i hope you’re all getting our glorious xmas weather where you are too.

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october already

the gardens and the bush are in full flower. the frangipani has it’s buds and the jacaranda is a carpet of purple on roads, driveways, and ute trays.

i can honestly say that i am thinking about xmas this early. not that we have the full-on xmas experience, but this recent spell of a couple of days over 30 degrees reminded me of how much i hate shopping in summer. so i started my xmas pressie list, and got started. as i am planning on making most of our gifts this year today i started cutting out and even sewing up a few. it felt good to be thinking about friends and family on a drizzly cool day while the kids played in their pjs and we ate home-made red-bean buns from the oven. the shops can do without me this xmas season!

i also arranged to have a box of fruit&veg delivered each week for a while. we did this for a few months when H was born, and then again when S was born. it was so fantastic to have it appear each thursday. It costs less than i would spend when i shop for it myself, plus it’s all so fresh coming straight from the markets. and i love all that summer fruit that’s appearing now; mangoes, peaches, nectarines, melons, and still loads of strawberries. i still like to visit our own local farmers markets for the extra stuff tho.

and coles are doing on-line shopping and delivery in our area – at last. so i’m starting a weekly delivery of the “cold stuff” this week too. then at least we’re covered for the basics, i don’t want to spend my summer days shopping and next year, i want my kid-free days for studying. and coffee. and chatting. and lunching. you get the picture.

wow, i’m feeling soooooo organised. i’ve probably forgotten to pay some bills and now we’ll get our power cut off or something………………………

green, red, blue sky, so vibrant in our grey-green native garden

i just love their scarlet spikey softness

our largest daily crop so far

a quiet spot of fishing with a tent pole, wool, pipe-cleaner, and gum leaf

this is such a peaceful little bit of wall, squeezed in as its is between the tele and the couch. i love the monastic feel of this painting and the pewter speciman vase. i just love having my grandmother’s glory box as our art cupboard so it’s in daily use.