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happy birthday sasha

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she’s 5 today.
i often think of her as being 2 or 3, or even a tiny baby, but watching her today on her birthday day out, she’s definitely grown up. we went to see the Tinkerbell movie – very sweet film actually – then she ate the entire vegetarian sushi box, and announced she now wanted to look in “high heel shoe shops”. gosh.
we settled for buying some shorts and t-shirts for summer, looking in a few toyshops and bookshops. then home for dinner with the neighbours. her meal of choice? pesto pasta, pistachios, olives, pretzels, carrot sticks and a vanilla cake with candles.
such a special girl to her dad, my daily best friend and companion, a good playmate to harvey, and makes us laugh every day at her jokes, impersonations, and beautiful drawings.
nearly 3yrs old, currumbin beach

she’s still overly fond of pink, loves the beach, her scooter, her cosy bedroom and her friends.

five today


One thought on “happy birthday sasha

  1. so so gorgeous, just like her mum xo

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