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time to read

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i am gathering my books up ready to return to the library, where i have many more waiting for me on the hold shelf. i think i may have over-estimated how much time i have to read over the next few weeks!

how i loved having time in the summer holidays to read. i have struggled to get through 1 or 2 books in the last two weeks since being back at work; in the holidays i read 3 or 4 books a week, plus magazines, cookbooks, blogs – bliss. the children participated in our local library’s annual Summer Reading Challenge which was epic. a group of no more than 40 kids aged 5-10 yrs read over a 1000 books in 5 weeks!

after mornings at the beach and in the pool, the children and i would spend a few hours in the hot time of the day just reading. there were books piled up on every space, bookmarks became scarce, my kobo e-reader was regularly loaded up, comfy chairs were moved closer to windows, and a house gone quiet would mean we were reading. sometimes together, sometimes alone on beds. 2 days without power in the recent bad weather meant even more reading time!

my children seem to have inherited my love of reading a few books at the same time, which makes for a heavy bag on library day.

what are you reading?


One thought on “time to read

  1. I just finished the gift of fear by Gavin DeBecker and I am reading about three other books!

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