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being a working mother means eating single working girl dinners sometimes

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ImageThis is my first year of being a working mother. Ok ok, dont panic – you know full well that I have always been a workiing mother, but this year I am working outside the home and being paid for it.

I love the interraction with adults, I love discussing things other than my children and the contents of their lunchboxes. I love that my kids have adapted so well to me working (although I am still able to take them to school and pick them up – yes I know how lucky i am). I love the warm feeling I get that I am contributing financially to our family’s lifestyle. I love having a little money to spend on “stuff”.

What I don’t enjoy so much is the rushed feeling I have nearly all the time. How nearly every sentence I speak to my children contains the works “come on, hurry up”, or “we’re late”, or “I don’t have time”. I am sad that my blog, my handmade label PenPals, the housework, interesting meals, and coffee with friends have all come to a complete halt.

I am hoping to balance this all out, reach some compromises with tidy rooms, prepare more simple meals that are kid-friendly, make plans to see friends, book a holiday, and talk to my children more about having plenty of time.

In the meantime, my single working girl dinner of many many years ago of tea and toast is back – maybe just for this particular Friday night.


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