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a change of mood

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a tipoff at a friend’s garage sale led to the purchase of this fantastic addition to our lives.

so now we’ve got plans for piano lessons. i did piano when i was a child, so now i’m sitting at the keyboard trying to channel all those old memories. it worked for knittng, crocheting, and sewing, so i’m sure it’s only a matter of time before scales and tunes come tinkling out of my fingers!

we are a little squeezed in our playroom/PenPal studio/workroom/art room/music room but when our neighbour offered us this, we managed to add this in as well.

it has seven games – backgammon, table football, air hockey, table tennis, ten pin bowling plus some others i can’t remember. and all kid sized.  it’s been so much fun already!


One thought on “a change of mood

  1. How wonderful that you have a piano now! I also played as a child, and as part of simplifying my life so that I have time for things that I want to do, I have started to teach myself to play again.

    I hope that you enjoy your piano experience…

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