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we’ve all been sniffing a bit with this sudden cold snap. we seem to have gone from summer to winter, and skipped entirely over autumn. so 3 days at home over last weekend was time to start using up my fabric stash.

i found fabric i had totally forgotten about (ahem) i mean put carefully away. so i washed, dried, ironed, planned, and then sewed the requests that had been building up. “pets please” they always ask. so voila.

“she doesn’t have anyone to play with” really? have they looked around the playroom? and harvey wants an owl. a big owl. as big as a cushion. and cordury.

so by the time they were all named, shown around the house, fed, wrapped up, pushed around in the pram, put down to sleep, and cuddled – the sniffly days were over and everyone had been happily occupied.

and many bowls of Thai sticky black rice with coconut milk made everything good too.


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