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more secret veges

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our vege crisper is empty. i used the last cucumber, lettuce, and some mint from the garden to add to the inari bean curd to make some vietnamese spring rolls for dinner. plus a bowl of noodles in vege broth. but that’s not enough veges for growing kids!

then i remembered the frozen pureed pumpkin ice-cubes in the freezer and instantly thought – icecream!

i called it “coconut and brown sugar icecream” and both kids had 2 bowls. can you hear my evil laugh?

pen’s pumpkin icecream

2 trays of frozen pureed pumpkin (this had been steamed then pureed last week)

1 tin coconut cream (i used light, but normal is fine too)

80 grams of brown sugar

1 tspn each nutmeg and cinnamon

put all ingredients into the Thermomix and turn gradually to 9, combine for 1 to 1.5 minutes. you could do this in a food processor too. put into container and freeze.

they ate it at soft-serve consistency, but i’m looking forward to a late night snack of more solid ice-cream.


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