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2011 already?


it’s been a fun time, lots of rain, some sunshine, and even a few days away. there’s 2 weeks left of school holidays and we’re squeezing in the activities! today is our first day spent totally at home. my new family calendar from kikki-k is fantastic as my “external brain”.

new years day boardwalk at currumbin creek

sasha's first karate class

biggest (7) and littlest (1) cousins

sunny days away

a new creative space

swimming in the rain

did i mention the rain? we’ve had 4 sunny days in 4 weeks. i hope for some lighter rain for the last 2 weeks of the hols 🙂


2 thoughts on “2011 already?

  1. I’m loving the kids new area! Some of the many ikea packs that needed assembly huh 😀 I love Real Living too! xx

  2. yep, that was a few of those flatpacks! i’ll bore you with piccies of bedrooms by email if you want!

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