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the last month


has been hectic! it feels like november and december are just one long pre-xmas schedule. i’ll be glad to arrive at 25 dec so we can all relax.

rehearsing for the first end of year dancing concert

mmmm fabric

sewing gifts

little girl shoes “look they’re peep-toes!”

the first visit from the tooth fairy “can it be a shiny coin and a toy please?”


these are thank-you boxes which i filled with sweets for my Girls Night In lunch guests last Saturday. We shoo-ed the kids away and sat down to a yummy relaxed meal. A good cause, and a reminder of how much i love entertaining. and using the wedding silver cutlery and dinner set.

oh and i finished my TAFE studies. does anyone need a library assistant 2-3 days a week in school hours next year? you do?! well give me a call and i’ll be right there.


2 thoughts on “the last month

  1. Congratulations on finishing up your studies & good luck finding that kido-friendly job!

    Love that fabric (especially the one at the bottom of the pile!) and origami

    p.s. those kidos look very grown up!

  2. thanks angie, i made a beachy bag for myself out of that bottom fabric. i’m just loving that green flash amongst the grey and black. have to get a swimmer to match now tho…….
    sasha had her button-grass dress on today. it’s so beautiful and suits her colouring so much. she took it off before she ate lunch because she wants to wear it to a birthday party tomorrow. how thoughtful of her 🙂

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