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cinnamon pull-apart – too easy and too yummy

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more late night baking adventures.

a few nights ago i made a cinnamon pull-apart loaf, actually the recipe made 2, so i froze one. it was so yummy and was a lovely breakfast treat the other morning.

i made my normal bread dough (50% wholemeal, 50% bakers flour) and after the 1st rising, i rolled it out to a large rectangle, covered the top with a butter/brown sugar/cinnamon mixture and then cut it into strips which i then folded concertina style and placed side by side in a baking tin. i made 2 loaves and put them into a cold oven and baked at 160 for 40 mins (putting into a cold oven allowed for an extra rising).

and when it was ready, it really just “pulled apart” into little separate bun bits that were threaded through with cinnamony deliciousness. I could have done more of the butter/brown sugar/cinnamon mixture actually, it was a little more bread-y than bun-y. but that’s how i like it, not too sweet, just a hint of sweetness.

i’m keen to make it as a garlic/olive/pesto loaf next time.


One thought on “cinnamon pull-apart – too easy and too yummy

  1. Oh, these looks scrumptious! Anything home baked fresh from the oven is delightful! You look like an experienced chef! Happy day to you!
    hugs from emily

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