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sunshine not housework


Today as i Enjo-ed the floors, the kitchen, the bathroom, the surfaces, picked up and put away, did some washing, and then went to a Pilates class, I was grateful for my modest sized home. It doesn’t take all day to clean my house that’s for sure!

playroom through to the lounge and front door

I do suffer from house-space-envy I admit it. I visited a friend last night and her spacious home was so gorgeous. But I know she thrives on clean surfaces, tidy rooms and dust-free corners. I don’t enjoy doing housework, I like the results, I just don’t enjoy the process. I do like washing up, cooking, changing the sheets and towels, and plumping the cushions. But I also enjoy being outside, reading, sewing, knitting, studying, lunch-ing.

lounge from dining area

Our home is small, even a little too small for us sometimes. I can’t accumulate too much clutter, I have to be ruthless with newspapers, I am constantly putting away shoes, hats, bags, papers, toys.

kitchen from dining area


 But it’s cosy in winter, breezy in summer, and we have re-thought our vague plans for extending out-and-up and instead we’re going to put some more “outside” areas on our home. another deck out the front, and one out the back with a watertight roof. more vege gardens, and seating near the pool. we live in a beautiful place with a temperate climate. I am looking forward to even more beautiful spots to spend time outside.

salad for my sandwich today


2 thoughts on “sunshine not housework

  1. Hey Wonder Woman, no need for space envy – your house is gorgeous. I don’t think my floors have seen a mop for weeks. Our skirting boards could be sprouting flowers given the total neglect I lavish on them. L

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