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i have been baking sourdough bread, after attending a workshop a few weeks ago run by the energetic and inspiring Sandra Frain.

Sandra Frain's workshop

 i loved her name for our workshop sourdough bread – forgiveness sourdough! that is, don’t try to get it perfect, it will be unique every time you bake, use whatever ingredients you have around you in the kitchen.

so i’ve had some failures (me not concentrating when measuring) and some successes (a loaf eaten in one day by my family). i feel i am now closer to finding my own benchmark loaf, one i can aim for each time with little differences here and there. my favourite is a wheat and rye with caraway seeds mixed in.

It’s not hard to bake bread in this traditional way; it takes minutes to mix together, one day just sitting around in a bowl, another few hours sitting around in it’s baking dish, then another few hours in the oven.

my secret to success – my silicon loaf tin. it seems a strange combination to me – sourdough and silicon. but it allows me to tip it out easily when it’s still warm, tap it on the bottom, pop it back in and thence into the oven for another 30 minutes if necessary.


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