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activities for kids – too many too easily

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i am so conscious of not having too many scheduled activities for my children. my son already attends school 5 days a week, my daughter attends kindy 2 days a week.

and then the activites crept in. my son goes to karate on monday evenings, and is doing the AFL auskick program after school on thursdays. my daughter goes to dancing on wednesday afternoons.

it doesn’t sound that much does it? but it has had a HUGE impact. it means that wednesdays and thursdays we don’t get home until close to 5pm. we used to eat dinner at about 5.30. not anymore. karate was 4.30-5.30, and now it’s 5.30-7pm.   my kids are regularly in bed by 7pm!

and that’s not mentioning any of the parent’s activities – work, study, gym, yoga, cycling, running a business from home, maintaining the house and garden, friends and family, some social life (that’s the small bit) that has to fit in somewhere. no wonder the adults are at the desk/stove/sink until late into the evening. anyone else clean the bathroom at 10pm?!

so i think we’re already at our maximum. how do people do it with more children and more activities? i remember the wise words of a friend with 5 chidren – one activity per child. i think i need to write it on the bathroom mirror.


One thought on “activities for kids – too many too easily

  1. I had overscheduled my six year old daughter for the first 2 terms this year. She was doing 3 activities- ballet on Wednesday evening, swimming on Tuesday evening and music lesson before school on Friday morning.
    In the second term, she was off sick from school on 4 different occasions for several days at a time. It seems she became very run down, and was exhausted.
    I had thought that I was doing the right thing by providing all of these opportunites. But I was actually not helping her but inadvertently causing her to become ill.
    So this term, I have cancelled all but one of the activities. I will continue with the 1 activity at a time, as I believe it is good advice.

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