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fresh food for easter continued

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we love our box from Food Connect, collected on thursday afternoon. the car smelt like fresh green food all the way home, and sasha unpacked it and put it all away, naming everything and the meal we’d be able to include it in. the homemade pizzas last night were delicious with tasty fresh veges. it’s been a while since i tasted such tomatoey tomatoes.

autumn was here today, and the hammock had some swinging this afternoon. sasha took her work outside onto the deck. notice the bag of fruit, the telephone and the teabags. mmmmm i think she sees me working.

my baby comes to work with me

when we arrived at kindy on thursday, this was the sign on the front gate:

i think it’s amusing that my realist/cynical children instantly start believing in the easter bunny when chocolate is imminent, just as they believe in the tooth fairy when someone gets a gold coin!

happy easter to you all. we have a week head of lunch guests, being lunch guests elsewhere, puppet shows, picnics, park plays, and maybe the odd bit of chocolate – organic and fair trade of course. green&blacks maya gold for me please!


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