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our favourite at the moment


ready for the fridge

chocolate sago pudding – our current favourite. i’ve had them over the years at various vegetarian cafes (most recently Govindas at Burleigh Heads) and this is my version. i’m trying to keep the sugar and fat content down so they can be part of a weekend breakfast (after the oats or baked beans of course!)

1/2 cup sago

2.5 cups water

put this into a saucepan and bring to a rolling boil. stir almost constantly so that it doesn’t stick or spit at you. it will thicken almost immediately, cook until sago is clear, about 10 minutes.

in a cup put 1-2 tblspns good quality cocoa (or melted chocolate) and 1 tblspn raw sugar. Add 1/4 cup boiling water and stir to form a paste. Top up with 1/2 cup milk (or coconut milk for extra creaminess). Pour into sago, stir until combined. pour into little cups or glasses and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Serve as is, or with a little coconut milk pooled on the top, or a dollop of ice-cream.  in fact, i think i’ll have one right now!

see, they're just tiny really


5 thoughts on “our favourite at the moment

  1. sorry about the poor quality photos, they’re mobile phone photos – i need to get a new camera.

  2. Hi I just went down and bought a berry sago from Govindas and got on line to see if I could figure out how to make them they are so good…..I cant have chocolate at the moment, could you recommend how to make it plain with just putting the berries on top, I couldn’t believe that you refered to them in your post………Thanks

  3. hi there, thanks for visiting myblog! aha, you’re a Govinda’s fan too!
    i haven’t tried making a “plain” one, but i would guess milk and some sugar would work. maybe a dash of vanilla too. then a dollop of some lightly stewed berries on the top.

    i also make lemon sago pudding (my son’s favourite). the recipe is sometimes on the box of sago i buy. at this time of year, i substitute lemons for limes, mandarins or oranges.

    Lemon Sago Pudding
    1/2 cup Sago
    Juice of 2 organic lemons
    1 tsp lemon zest
    4 tablespoons of golden syrup
    4 tablespoons of rapadura sugar
    2 1/3 cup of filtered water


    1.Combine sago and water in a saucepan and boil until translucent stirring occasionally.
    2.Remove from stove and add the rest of the ingredients.
    3.Mix well; pour into a bowl and chill until firm. Serve with coconut milk.

  4. Hi, Yes totally a govinda’s fan, such great food at such a great price…….thanks heaps for your recipe and tips just went down and bought their berry sago today for a treat, tried making it on the weekend but ended up with rubber hahahah but it did taste ok….will come back to you when I have tried your tips and lemon sago pudding…

    • yep, it can be a bit rubbery! it takes an amazing amount of liquid to keep it silky. i always try to get the sago to translucent with just water, then add in the creaminess. i even added some simmered and cooled frozen blueberries on top last time. yum.

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