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we’re loving autumn already

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It’s still hot during the day (28), but cooler in the evenings and at night. perfect sleeping weather. the kids are thrilled to be finally getting out boots and snuggly clothes. i’m trying to hold back quilts, woolly hats, scarves, winter pjs until at least after easter. you’d think it snowed here the way my kids dress themselves! on warm days in winter, it gets all peeled off and and they swim in the ocean. the best of both worlds!

meanwhile, my husband has been making up a wickedly decadent chocolate paste which can be stirred into his shots of short black coffee, and added to my twice-daily latte to make for a smooth mocha. delicious. easter for grownups.

i’ll be home today with two sniffly children. so it’s 6.30am, i’m getting some me-time in before i hand my day over to the kids. i know it’s going to be a day of reading stories, sharpening pencils, making tiny cups of chamomile tea, rubbing on lavender, building cubby houses under the dining room table, holding hands – and general chaos! i foresee toasted sandwiches for dinner already.

and this is what happens when you ask a 4 year old to start writing the shopping list. stickers are very important right now it would seem.


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