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what a beautiful start to the day

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this was yesterday 5.30am at currumbin beach. a quiet start to my day – i mean my birthday day. some blueberries, yoghurt, water, my book and my beach.
the sun broke through the clouds moments later and it was a gorgeous blue sky day.

some time alone

a HUGE present decorated all over with drawings by the children

a hammock! with it’s own stand! what a wonderful present. i even got to spend some time in it in the afternoon with my book and an ice-cream. bliss. i look forward to many more afternoons in the hammock.


One thought on “what a beautiful start to the day

  1. what a darling photo with the children and the hammock. We too have one, it is in our living room. We bought it several years ago when we realized how much time we spend indoors in the winter and that the kids needed to be able to have ways to be active in the house. That is one of the very best buys ever! đŸ™‚

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