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new graduate

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he’s graduated, the newest MBA in town.

it’s been a fast and furious ride over the last 13 months, lots of coffee, lots of outings to the park to give him the space to study, and now a fair dollop of uncertainty until a new career is launched.

now it’s my turn to take over the study space and finish my last few subjects. i’m loving my work experience in the school library. it’s also giving me a tiny insight into what’s it like to be a mother working outside the home. those days are run with military precision, and there’s lots of getting in and out of the car; dropping the children at kindy and school, making 3 lunches, remembering hats and water bottles. the enjoyable part of these days for me is talking with adults (about books mostly which i love), a bit of solitude here and there, and listening to my choice of music in the car when i’m by myself! it helps me appreciate the slower paced days at home with picnic morning teas, reading books on the bed after lunch, and preparing meals with the children. Actually, i like both sorts of days, and i guess that’s the key to a balanced life.

it’s good to know what i’m aiming for 🙂


One thought on “new graduate

  1. Congratulations everyone! Well done getting through a very busy time in your lives and good luck with the job hunting xx

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