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new horizons

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it’s not a new photo, just a reminder of what i need to keep my eyes on – the blue skies and new horizons.
yesterday we lost our family income when the man-o-the-house was made redundant. with 5 weeks of intense study left to complete his MBA he’s hardly in a position to job hunt – but he’s doing it anyway. well done him, keeping all those plates in the air and smiling all the while.
so we’re stayin’ in, drinkin’ more lattes at home, beachin’ and looking to those blue skies.

One thought on “new horizons

  1. Damn! Bad timing indeed. :(We feel your pain. The GFC has certainly made things a lot tighter around these parts too and we keep considering a new career path or two might be in order, but then we get optimistic and decide to stick with it. Here's hoping things get better soon.Good Luck with the hunting!

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