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cardboard boxes

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a cardboard box, it’s always fun.
a dolly’s bed
hold on, i could fit in that
tuck me in please
a kiss goodnight

night nighty sleep tighty

we can both fit in i’m sure

remember muskettes from darrell lea? the kids bought a packet each in the last school holidays and limited themselves to 5 each day. needless to say, there’s still some left and i’ve been munching on them. musk just tastes like pink doesn’t it?

i was going to get them a little bottle of “dolly mix” but it’s a glass bottle. i couldn’t even see them getting out of the shop without smashing to the floor! remember those? i remember getting them as a special treat and loving how each one was like a little plump striped – and sticky – pillow.

we’ve been feeling very smug with warm sunny days up here in currumbin. t shirts and a cardigan in the afternoon. but today the expected cold snap blew in with a cold windy day. back on went socks, tracky pants, long sleeves and even hats. the markets this morning were great but very blowy. there are strawberries aplenty this close to spring and we’ve been enjoying our favourite indulgence – cooked strawberries.

a punnet of ripe or overripe strawberries, leaves trimmed off and cut in half if they’re huge

a splash of water

1-2 T sugar

simmer gently for 10-15mins. cool and serve over icecream or porridge.

if there’s a lot of juice left over that you don’t want to use (???) add it to the next batch of cooked strawberries instead of the splash of water and these ones will be even more syrupy.


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