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winter mornings in the garden – in pjs

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blue sky and bottlebrushes
it’s so amazing to have these gorgeous blue sky days. and we’ve been spending as much of them outside as possible. come summer, we’ll be hiding from the sun for most of the day, only emerging in the late afternoon.
saturday mornings are rapidly become a slow moving restful weekend day after the busy week. pjs and some morning tv, then breakfast/morning tea outside. quickly turning into bike riding, chalk on the path and bricks, kicking balls, losing balls, finding balls, spiderwebs, and today the kids were taking photos. we eventually got dressed at about 1pm. bliss.
i’m sure there’s a cold snap just around the corner for the last half of winter………
oh and those scones are my latest invention – LSA scones. sasha would eat scones with strawberry jam all day every day if she could. so i’m sneaking in the LSA now and she loves these “spotty” scones. they’re deliciously nutty. i just add about 2-3 tblspns to the 2 cups of flour that is in my recipe. i’m having the last one right now, broken into pieces in bowl and topped with a huge dollop of my favourite plain yoghurt. and chai tea. yum.

One thought on “winter mornings in the garden – in pjs

  1. Looks like a lovely way to spend a saturday morning. I'll have to try that LSA scone idea, it sounds great.

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