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when bears come to visit

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rufus is one the prep class bears, millie is the other one. every now and then a bear comes home to visit for a few days and we get to taken them on an adventure, “transport” was the theme this time. so mr h thought as bikes are his favourite transport, that rufus should get to have a few rides.
strapped on baby-style
up and down the street on daddy’s back
this last week has been a tough one with sick kids and plumbing probs – i don’t whether i spent more money at the chemist or with the plumber. however now we’re all better, eating and enjoying real food, and the heavy rain is back. two days and nights of rain and the fields, golf courses and parks are all under water again. here’s hoping for a cheerful last week of term 2, and then the happy return of the travelling student father.

One thought on “when bears come to visit

  1. We have also been getting quite a bit of rain lately….no plumbing woes as of yet though!Glad to hear everyone is on the mend though!

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