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mmm my 5yr old son needs some more practice i think, we have a LOT of headless photos.

speaking of photos and posts, i’ll be doing some posting without any photos. dull but true. my camera is elsewhere for a few weeks. but i’ll try digging out some ones from pre-blogging days for a diversion.

i’ve been back to IKEA, once you go that’s it, you’re hooked. personally i’m hooked on the fabrics. i just can’t choose. but finally i did choose. i am re-upholstering (ie new foam and pillow-slip style covers) a chair which was my husband’s grandfathers. it has sat happily in our living room with a turkish throw over it for many years. but i saw some gorgeous fabric and just had to do it. and i’m covering some large lounge cushions in a different fabric. but you’ll have to wait for the piccies i’m afraid.

not that i should be spending my evenings sewing. i have enrolled into my next 2 TAFE subjects and should be reading, typing, reading, researching. i have been spending wednesdays in a school library and will do so until the end of the year. this is a requirement of my library and information systems course and it’s great. my colleagues are very helpful and i have been enjoying being surrounded by books all day. my favourite environment.


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