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the last of the warm weather

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those were the last of the extra warm days. it was 30 degrees here saturday and sunday. cooler today, but gorgeous blue sky days are here at last. autumn here on the gold coast is just amazing. it’s warm enough to wear a tshirt in the day and cool enough to pull that woollen quilt up at night.

i’ve decided to take over the gardening. fungus usually does all this stuff, but he’s so busy with uni and work that it’s looking all weedy and scruffy. so i pulled out the finished sprawling cherry tomatoes, the herbs that had gone feral, the sunflowers that were tipping over and raked it over. all with a latte in one hand, so not very energetic gardening! but it’s a start!

now what to plant? i’m off to sneak-peak the rest of our street for some ideas.


One thought on “the last of the warm weather

  1. Our warm days have also evaporated of late, frosty mornings with snow on the Mountain, that I’m hoping will still be there on the weekend for a trip up with the kids….far from running around in your undies weather!

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