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raining sewing raining


easter was wet wet wet, still is in fact. it seems to have really set in for the whole week of school holidays. hmmmmm great. but there was time for some sewing and cubby house building (and just a teeny bit of tv too)

and i solved the great slipper hunt problems of the last few days (even tho it’s 26 degrees here) and sewed a “pocket” for the end of each bed. i love the way the dust shows up so nicely in this photo……….

i saw a similar cat family over at and just had to have my own. the kids woke up to them on easter morning and even the choccy bunnies were forgotten for a while. and they’ve been firm favs ever since.

mr h is pretty tired after term 1 so some quiet days have been nice and cosy. but we’re ready to run around again now. so i think we’re off to an indoor play centre tomorrow to bounce, climb, and bounce some more. however i suspect that the rest of currumbin has the same idea so i expect a crowd of cabin fever kids.


3 thoughts on “raining sewing raining

  1. I love the ‘bed pocket’ and the cat family. It’s a shame we don’t have bedheads…..although our slippers are rarely off our feet once in the house now-a-days!

  2. wish I could tell you what the sourdough starter was, I got mine from a friend who has managed to keep his alive for 10 years (I regularly neglect mine & get another batch from him to start me off again…I'll ask him next time)

  3. That bed pocket is such a great idea! Perfect for all the things that always go missing everyday. Thanks for sharing

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