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the first one has popped open, we watched it gradually open all it’s petals over the weekend. and there’s still one to go. i can’t imagine how uplifting it would feel to gaze over a field of sunflowers, i feel ecstatic over just one 🙂

i guess i picked a bad summer to……………….purchase the long-wanted outdoor furniture. we’ve had so much rain that i’ve put it under the roof at the back of the house. it’s a little like an IKEA showroom now. it was sublime when it was spread out on the deck, umbrella shading the diners, and we took our dinner out there every night. oh well, we can still take our dinner out every night, but there’s just the garden to look at instead of views of the gum trees.

we’re at home today, preparing for the very edge of the cyclone hamish currently sitting off Mackay. we’ve got high winds and heavy rain predicted later today and for the rest of the week as it tracks down the coast, so i’m just packing away toys and balls into the laundry and moving some pots around. plus sasha has a bit of tummy bug and is having a quiet day too.

fortunately she has made it to the garden, the bush path at school, and the bowl each time she’s been ill. what a smart girl!


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