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rain and sunshine

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before i can turn around each weekend, the garden goes back to looking like this. rain and sunshine – throw seeds, stand back and watch them grow. these sunflowers were mere seeds in a packet 4 weeks ago. the flowers are just appearing – not that we’ll be able to tell without a ladder.

there were many more seeds planted, but our roaming bush turkey chick scratched them up before we could shoo her away. she was searching for a nest site, and we definitely didn’t want her to choose our garden (for those that haven’t seen a bush turkey nest, it’s a bare mound that can be 9 or 10 metres across. kinda dominates your garden.

and those are “tumbling cherry tomatoes” beside the sunflower trees. lots of flowers already. again, planted 4 weeks ago. i should dig up the lawn and feed the neighbourhood.


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