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halfway through the term? but i’m not ready yet

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another mum dropping her prep kid off said cheerily to me this morning “well we’re nearly halfway through term 1”. i nearly dropped harvey’s backpack – well it was very heavy actually. halfway through term 1? but i’m only just getting it together. we’re getting to school a few minutes before the bell (as suggested in the prep handbook 2009), i’m not frog-marching sasha out to the hastily and badly parked car, and then off to complete the 42 items on the to-do list, before rushing back to pick up prep kid 20mins later (well it’s actually about 5 hours but it seems a very very very very short day when the to-do list has 42 items on it), and throwing together another combination of pasta, peas, baked beans, carrots, and ice-cream cones. well not every day anyway.

friday we just had a quiet day at home between the school trips. today we went to the gym, played at home, had a picnic lunch in the garden, and had a yummy dinner.

i just need to squeeze some housework in there somewhere. oh and that TAFE study won’t do itself either.


One thought on “halfway through the term? but i’m not ready yet

  1. I'm still laughing at the pasta, peas, baked beans & carrots combo….one that has been seen quite a bit in our house lately too!You sound very busy & take a look at the size of that backpack!

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