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well, hello again

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what can i say, i’m busier than i’ve ever been. i’m sure i’ll get into the swing of my new role of mother-to-a-school-kid, but so far it involves a lot of getting in and out of the car, looking for lost hats/drink bottles/grasshoppers in plastic containers etc in school playgrounds, squeezing my me-time into 15 minute breathers during the day, and trying to think of original and exciting lunchbox menus.

and then there’s been the computer problems, which are hopefully all sorted out now.

and so i decided that life, or even my day, is too short for a bad cup of coffee or tea. so out with the old cups, and out of the back of the sideboard came my favourite cups, including some han-made ones (not by me), and this one from chinatown in london many years ago, my fav snack plate, and a jar of scrummy ikea jam that was lurking around masquerading as a possible gift for someone else. not any more.

ahhhh, breathe, breathe, breathe, sip, sip, sip


One thought on “well, hello again

  1. Welcome back! We have missed you.bobf

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