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it’s a good excuse really

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i haven’t posted any blogs for over a month because we’d all been struck down with an ear nose and throat specialist’s, well, specialities. i haven’t been so sick in years, and i’m still coughing away now. with both parents ill, the kids took the opportunity to be amazing angels. i can’t believe it really. or maybe i just didn’t notice anything much in my haze of flu. i have only just got my voice back a bit today after 10 days of not much, makes yelling “toilet teeth bath NOW” pretty tough. lucky for the pool, i think the bath was skipped a few times, and the sandwich press got a work-out, not to mention the odd bag of hot chippies for dinner.

i’m so glad i had already done xmas pressies and been the post office, well mostly anyway. there’s a few far-flung folk who will be enjoying their xmas pressie at new year. but i’m sure they’ll be thrilled about that.

the good news is my laundry is nearly completed. fully gutted, waterproofed, plastered, tiled, painted, cupboards and benches, a new door and a skip full of stuff down the front. they’ll be back today to hook up the washing machine, clean up and then it’s all ours.

each morning starts with “is it xmas day today?” from the kids, this year they are really into it. we’ve got our first tree, pressies are wrapped, and being squeezed and shook by everyone, the lights get switched on at dinner time and i’m planning party food for xmas eve.

i hope you’re all getting our glorious xmas weather where you are too.


One thought on “it’s a good excuse really

  1. hope you are all well & truly over that sickness and enjoying the summer weather you undoubtedly are getting!

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