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i nearly jumped out of my skin

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we’ve had some amazing storms this spring already, but this week was a doozi. i guess most folk saw how trashed parts of Brisbane got (i however missed this news and wondered why everyone was calling to check we were ok :o). we were ok, just soaked. and last night we had absolutely amazingly cracking thunder right over the house so that the windows shook and the lights flickered. i ran for the torch and mobile phone, and checked the kids. they, of course, slept on peacefully. the thunder rolled around and the sky was lit by lightening for the next 4 hours. amazing.

today the sun came out and the washing dried in about an hour, it was intense

this is what i feel like doing
i made this cushion/dolly for miss s when she turned 3 a few months ago. the other side is a smiling face. i find it handy for lying down with her in bed – she doesn’t like to share her own pillow.
this week i am emaling off my first subject to TAFE. i’m nervous about it because i don’t know what they expect. i hope i haven’t waffled too much………….
this morning was prep orientation. and mr h has school uniforms ready in his cupboard. weird to go to a school surrounded by fields, cows, a few roads and open gates. compared to the lock-in at kindy it’s a little disconcerting. however i’m sure the sunflower yellow surf hat that the preps wear will make them easy to spot and drag back!

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