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i wish i’d concentrated more in maths

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sewing – as usual i’m all gung-ho and “i won’t need to measure this” and “that looks great, i’m sure i could do that” and 9 times out of 10 it’s fine. but patchwork needs a bit more thought – and maths.

mmmm didn’t work out how many hexagons i’d need (is that what they call the five-sided thing out of the shape-o, which is where i get all my sewing, cookie and scone shapes from). so i consulted fungus, he proceeded to build a scale model out of paper and sticky tape to demonstrate how many little shape thingys i’d need. i started to doze off (it was after 11pm last night) and he suggested a square based triangle would be easier for me. so i did that.
only 150 to go
i think i’ll do a dozen for the kids who visit at xmas, i thought they could choose one off the tree and take it home. like i’ve got a xmas tree. this will be our first year for having a xmas tree and i’ve got the decorations, the lights, the ideas, the enthusiasm, just no tree or anywhere to put one. oh well, it’s weeks away isn’t it?

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