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halloween – then the slippery sweetie slope to xmas

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i’ve never really done halloween, not as a kid myself and not as parent. the last few years there’d be kids pounding on the door at dusk in their scary costumes, already laden down with buckets of lollies, and i’d have nothing to offer them except dates, or maybe some sultanas!!?? ummmm, i don’t think so. then last year our kids really loved seeing the costumes and leaping out at the trick-or-treaters and “raarring” them. i still forgot to buy any lollies tho. but i promised the kids that next year we’d dress up and join in.
and they never forgot it, even tho they were then only 2 and 3yrs old. it’s been a topic of conversation all year.
so this year i bought the lollies (vegetarian toffees from aldi) and we put together costumes with $2 shop masks, pillowslips and cloth nappies. and then i had the awful feeling that we wouldn’t get any trick-or-treaters because of my past offerings of sultanas.
so fungus took them out onto the streets visiting a few neighbours and they had a great time. eaten alive by mossies, ate more lollies than they’d ever seen before, saw all the big kids dressed up and dropped in on 2 parties in our street.
and now they ask for lollies every day. no tantrums, just polite enquiries
“mummy, do you think we might have some halloween lollies soon?”
me “umm, no i dont think so” or “daddy ate them”
but now it’s only 7 weeks to xmas and the lollies and chocs will start again. oh well, i ate my share of fruit tingles, jellybeans, jubes, licorice, redskins, spearmint leaves and little choccy santas and it didn’t harm me toooooo much. i guess.
happy sliding towards xmas everyone!
batman girl (no, not bat-girl)



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