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i had an ikea-fix, but it was a blur

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i got there before opening time (it’s a 50min drive from home) and lined up to put both kids into the play area. lucky we did because about halfway down the line they said “we’re full now, we’ll call your number when you’re next in”. phew my kids were 2nd family in. so i had an hour to myself in ikea.
an hour in ikea, you’re joking.
lucky i knew i wanted a few things in the children’s section, and i wanted to look at fabric. so i jogged the 3km to the children’s section (15mins gone already) and found my things, umm and ummed about some other stuff (30mins gone), sprinted towards fabric, got lost in quilts, then lighting, backtracked thru the children’s area and got to fabric. no staff to ask. so i picked up some pre-cut bits, tracked down someone to price them for me, and then with 1 minute left ran to the play area to get my two munchkins. they very reluctantly came out, hot and sweaty after an hour in the ballpit, and i still had to get thru the rest of the store, downstairs, then thru the other level of stuff to the checkout.
i felt exhausted and blurred and thirsty and hungry and whingey, so i’m sure you can imagine how the kids were feeling.
i want to go alone next time!
about a metre each of 150cm wide fabric. i’m thinking cushions, tote bags, library bags, skirts or dresses for 3yr old miss. or i might just keep patting it for a bit longer.

they were near the checkout for $1.50 each. i thought maybe gifts, but i already love them on my windowsill.


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