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my tafe folder arrived last week and sat ominously on the corner of the desk, fungus’s uni stuff taking up the rest of the, well, whole room actually. and the kids were sick and demanding, and we were already having a busy week and an even busier weekend coming.

why did i think that a light bit of study to keep my brain active and a new career path meandering out before me would possibly be a sane decision!!!

breathe breathe breathe

ok, then i read and re-read and re-read my tafe assignment, emailed back and forth with my tutor a few times, begged for my access password, frantically reserved textbooks from the tafe library that everyone else had already borrowed (and diligently read probably) and then went aaaaaaaaaahhhh i get it now.

so it’s fine. today was the day from dream planet family. the day i always thought i’d be living. the children played quietly and imaginatively with each other with barely a squabble, i whipped thru the house with an enjo dusting tool, pegged out the washing, made a(nother) coffee, and sat down with my tafe folder and did a few hours work, drafting up my first assignment (1 of 9 due december). and all by 11.30am. so it can be done after all. and next year mr H will be at prep and miss S at kindy 2 days a week.

and the jacaranda “popped” with flowers last wednesday. this tree overhangs our driveway and is the only jacaranda in our part of the street. it’s the reason i wanted to buy this house 8yrs ago, well part of the reason anyway. and the air was warm coming in the windows all day. spring, i love it.


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